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Why Scala?

Scala is a modern, productive and well-designed language. It offers most of the productivity benefits of dynamically typed languages, and all of the benefits of statically typed languages, such as performance, compile time error checking, tool support, and more.

Scala runs on top of the Java Virtual Machine, which is available on many different platforms from mobile up to enterprise. It is a functional / object oriented hybrid language, meaning that techniques from imperative and functional programming can be selected and woven together as makes sense. Using Scala it is possible to create entirely functional or entirely imperative programs, or to mix the styles to best fit the problem you're trying to solve.

Scala also works with all Java libraries and frameworks, even existing project code, often improving on their APIs in the process. Developers in Scala typically find themselves several times more productive than in Java on large projects once the initial learning barrier is crossed, and we can help with that.

How We Work

Our aim is to help you succeed with Scala. We will aid your company in obtaining the skills, knowledge, tools and procedures you need for your project, and give you the best start we know how, then get out of the way. We can also provide further help and support as requested (if you feel you need an occasional check-in, for example, we are happy to oblige).

If a full custom training course is beyond your needs, we encourage you to attend or send people to one of our open enrollment courses, which occur regularly in various locations in the US.

We are happy to discuss your needs and tailor our offerings to suit you.


We are very aware that we are lucky to a part of a large and friendly community of Scala developers. Where we cannot provide skills related to a specific technology ourselves, we will happily act as an enabler or mediator to help you find the people and skills you need to ensure that you get the very best help and information available. In this way we hope to benefit both our customers and the wider Scala community.

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